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EEVS Index

Energy efficiency is integral to any organisation’s sustainability and cost-saving strategy. Frustratingly, however, investment in the industry’s products and services is held back by lack of transparency about performance. The EEVS Energy Efficiency Index provides an exciting, tried-and-tested solution to this problem.

Successful and established industries are often underpinned by high levels of market transparency. Robust and reliable information about product and service performance not only enables executives to make informed decisions about where to invest (and where not to), but it also helps enable the best performers to find their way to the top. The market for energy efficiency products and services is, however, relatively new and lacks this vital information base. As such, procurement decisions often require something of a leap of faith. By being more transparent about performance – making it easier for customers to evaluate energy efficiency products and services – we make the market a much more attractive and easier place to invest. The question is: how?

Example Index

The EEVS Energy Efficiency Index and companion EEVS Technology Performance Index aim to bring about greater market transparency by importing tried-and-tested benchmarking techniques to the energy efficiency sector.

The two indices aim to measure essential ingredients of performance:

Key Features




  • Compare your financial and energy saving performance against industry benchmarks
  • Gain valuable insight into energy efficiency market performance
  • Better understand strengths and weaknesses and improve operational performance
  • Make informed decisions on which technologies or services to invest in
  • Enhance the credibility and saleability of your products and services
  • Gain comfort that suppliers have been independently 'audited'
  • Help boost investment in the sector through greater market transparency
  • Drive value for money for industry standard performance from your suppliers

Industry support is vital!

Our aim is to develop an industry tool, for the industry, by the industry. We very much welcome your involvement.

What Next?

We are establishing an Index Consultation Group to help develop the inaugural Index. If you would like to join the Group, take part in the FREE pilot Index, or simply find out more, please do get in touch with Ian Jeffries by email, or by calling 0845 604 2094.