Assuring Success in Energy Efficiency

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As the leading experts in the field of Measurement and Verification (M&V), EEVS is well placed to provide high quality training, offering delegates the opportunity to learn from our highly qualified, EVO certified trainers and benefit from their experience in implementing M&V in energy services companies. Our 2-day training course enables attendees to cover the EVO Level 2 Introductory Workshop as well as gaining direct hands-on experience in M&V implementation.

Who is it for?

Our program is designed for management, financial, regulatory and technical persons seeking to develop an understanding of the role of M&V in supporting energy efficiency investments. In particular, this course covers the fundamentals of M&V, which can be used to support Energy Managers in evaluating proposals and holding suppliers of performance contracts to account.


In addition to the key concepts covered in this course attendees will also benefit from:

Although the core content of the course is integral to the understanding M&V, for larger groups we are able to tailor the course to focus on specific aspects of M&V in order to maximise the value we can offer our clients.

If you are interested in attending, please contact us for more information.