Assuring Success in Energy Efficiency

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Energy Performance Contracting Training Courses

Energy Performance Contracting is attractive to organisations looking to make substantial improvements in energy efficiency. It provides a means to upgrade facilities, achieve corporate social responsibility and reach cost saving targets by outsourcing the identification, implementation, financing and operation of energy saving measures.

Energy Performance Contracts can incentivise performance and transfer risk through guarantees and gain shares, however these long-term contracts are often complex, and lack transparency and clear governance processes.

EEVS has extensive practical experience of Energy Performance Contracts through our work with organisations including Lloyds Banking Group, Vodafone, NHS Trusts, universities and local authorities. We work with our clients to align contracts with their strategic objectives, and to provide strong governance and accountability throughout project delivery.

EPC One day course

Run by our team of experienced IPMVP trainers, our one day Energy Performance Contracting course draws on our extensive practical expertise and will:

  • Help you decide whether Energy Performance Contracting is right for your organisation
  • Demonstrate how to set up and manage a project to achieve success
  • Give insights into what you need to know to hold your supplier to account as the contract progresses, and avoid wasting time or making expensive mistakes?

  • For more information about our range of Energy Performance Contracting courses, M&V training or bespoke, in-house training courses contact us on 0330 313 8487 or email